New VR Game Lets Musicians Simulate Hating Being Famous From Comfort Of Own Home

LOS ANGELES― Indie virtual reality game developer EscapeIt Studios has released a new game that allows aspiring musicians to pretend they’ve led a successful life as a world famous artist, and slowly grown to hate it, all from the comfort of their own studio apartment.

“We wanted to get this absolutely perfect, so we conducted a study that analyzed real celebrity musicians who just wanted to die, and modeled that in our game”, said the lead developer in an interview.

“We truly captured all of the subtleties of self-loathing and crippling depression that come with fame, right down to the exact room service order after a blurred night of just trying to forget”, he added. “Joe Jonas was an enormous help to us”.

In the game, you also get the chance to sign contracts that limit your musical creativity and stare longly at yourself in the mirror of a hotel room, as a sold-out puppet solely created to dance for the masses.


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