Even New Augmented Reality Edition Of “Cooking Mama Cook-Off” Can’t Teach Millennials To Cook

AUSTIN― A recent attempt by the developers of the Cooking Mama game series to inspire millennials to cook their own food has amounted to an utter failure, completely defying expectations that the generation could really be that unable to cook even most trivial of meals.

Lead developer in recent press conference: “Here at the studio, we designed this game to be the stupidest, easiest edition featuring levels like: ‘Don’t Put That Non-Microwaveable Plate Into The Microwave’, and ‘Place The Pre-made Frozen Meal Into The Pre-heated Oven’, expecting the average millennial to be able to perform these basic tasks”, he said foreshadowing the disastrous game flop.

“To our surprise, despite the immersion that augmented reality provides users, along with the tasks that my 4 year old could literally perform, 95% of millennials that used the game couldn’t even get past the first level which was just to put their car keys down and not go to Chipotle for lunch”.

Other game developers are taking notice of this event, and have since gone back to the drawing board with new assumptions about this new breed of apathy and stupidity that the millennial embodies.


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