Expensive Smartphone Thankfully Unharmed After Teenager Hit by Car

CHICAGO, IL—Yesterday afternoon, 16-year- old Matthew Henderson was on his way home from a friend’s house when he was struck by a car while crossing the street. Eyewitnesses say he neglected to look both ways before crossing because he was busy texting on his $780 Samsung Galaxy S7, which fortunately ended up not having a single scratch after flying out of his hands due to the car’s impact.

Henderson had put a case on the $780 Samsung Galaxy S7, which ended up saving it from harm during his accident. The phone also landed on its back as opposed to on its front, which would have been much more likely to cause damage to it. Henderson himself was unconscious and badly injured but still breathing when paramedics arrived. He is currently hospitalized in critical condition. Doctors are uncertain if he has any chance of survival.

“He’s never had a job, so it was me who had to pay for that thing,” says his mother Sheri, still in shock from being notified about the incident. “I’m absolutely heartbroken to see my son like this and terrified to lose him, but at least he decided to do one good deed before he died and put a case on that phone. That thing is literally worth its weight in gold.”

“I honestly like iPhones a lot better, but it’s good that Matt’s phone is still alright,” says Henderson’s friend Kyle. “If Matt dies, I’ll be really sad. Honestly, I kind of wished his phone would break cause I don’t like Androids that much, but I’m happy part of him didn’t get fucked up by that car.”

Henderson’s family is currently deciding what to do with his $780 Samsung Galaxy S7. If he lives, he will get his phone back. If not, his family is torn between keeping it as a memento of their son or selling it to supplement his funeral service costs.


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