Forced Social Interaction Found To Be Root Cause Of Pokémon Go’s Decline In Popularity

SAN FRANCISCO, CA— Since its release in summer 2016, Pokémon Go’s popularity has taken a sharp dive as players have grown tired of the gaming sensation’s arguably limited features. According to PEW Research Center, 4 out of 5 Pokémon Go users have quit since its release last year.

Some say that this is because of its large battery usage or simply because of a lack of interest, but the real reason is rooted in something that rings true to almost all.

Pokémon Go’s forced social interaction aspect, that is, its requirement that players go outside into the heinous and cruel world in order to catch Pokémon has turned players off from the game.

“It’s just so much work,” said eighteen-year-old Devon Song. “I made eye contact with a guy two months ago, and the feeling I felt when his dead eyes pierced my soul hasn’t left me since.”

60% of Pokémon Go’s demographic is comprised of 18-34-year-olds, indisputably the laziest generation by far.

“I just really hate leaving the house,” said 20-year-old Thomas Blank, an ex-Pokémon Go player. “I live in my parent’s basement. I get my groceries delivered online. Going out into the harsh sun to catch a Pidgey just isn’t worth it.”

These types of experiences are not uncommon. Thousands upon thousands of Pokémon Go players have stopped playing in fear of forced social interaction, hiding themselves away in safe havens such as man caves.

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, is reportedly already working on this issue. “We are in the middle of creating a sort of prototype that players can wear while they’re out that prevents them from having to interact or even see other players,” said the company’s spokesman.

“We’re looking forward to revolutionizing the future of Pokémon Go by allowing and encouraging people to just stay inside and not leave the house as they play the game,” he added.

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