Subscription-Based Movie Ticket Company ‘Moviepass’ Saves Traditional Theaters, Slammed With Class-Action Lawsuit

The theater ticket subscription service, Moviepass, is attempting to get people off the couch and back into the theater for $10 a month. The only problem, movie theaters don’t want that.

This venture is intended to bring back the theater going experience. According to Stacey Sparks, Co-Founder of Moviepass, “I remember going to the theater as a kid. The experience was jaw dropping. I mean, who can forget the long lines, being gauged on candy and popcorn prices, or having to constantly shoosh people while watching the movie. I just want my kids to have that same experience.”

Sparks also stated that the Moviepass service is an attempt to take the popularity of Netflix and apply it to the movie theater. The more movies people are able to watch the happier the audience will be.

Netflix and other streaming services have definitely taken a bite out of sales for theaters. According to the Public Reshowing Inclusive Company Kings, a group run by theater owners, ticket sales for movie theaters have dropped 97% in the last decade. That equals a loss of billions of dollars each year.

Frank Unce, owner of a theater in Chicago, argues, “this is nothing more than a hiccup and we don’t need some young wiper snapper to come in and save us. We have been doing just fine by charging more money for tickets and concessions as well as showing less movies.”

This shared feeling of millennials encroaching on the old world theaters is what’s driving the class action lawsuit. This has been the only unanimous decision made by theaters since the inclusion of 3D movie showings.

Unce and the other owners, in perfect movie fashion, are seeking 980 billion dollars in damages. That might be too fantastical for even the movie stars to buy a ticket.

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