Americans Vote To Ban Future Hurricanes From Entering Country

In light of the natural disasters building in the Atlantic, Americans across the country have voted to ban all future hurricanes from entering the country.

The vote took place earlier this week when tensions between Americans and hurricanes reached a fever pitch.

“They’re destroying businesses, wrecking towns, and causing floods; the hard working American people have had enough,” President Trump declared at a press conference earlier this week.

In a shocking case of bipartisanship, polls have shown that approximately 95 percent of Americans support the ban.

Illegal hurricanes have been made high priority ever since Hurricane Harvey took Texas by storm earlier this month. Many living in the area were forced to evacuate in fear of the foreign threat.

“They’re stealing our jobs away from us. Who knows how long it will be until I’ll be back on my feet,” said Jayson Gomez, a business owner forced to evacuate after flooding began in south Florida during the onset of Hurricane Irma.

“These troublemakers have no home here,” said Todd Miller, a Texas native. “I want them out. Foreign hurricanes illegally enter this country every year and do nothing but wreak havoc.”

This new ban, however, isn’t as strict as it may seem. Many politicians have proposed allowing only certain hurricanes to enter the country under certain work or student visas.

At press time, reporters noted that the president had begun talks of building a 10,000-foot tall wall along the Atlantic Coast of the United States to prevent large storms from crossing the U.S border in the future.

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