Trump Commits $1M Towards Irma Relief After High-Speed Winds Ruin Golf Game

Trump has announced a commitment of $1 million dollars of his personal funds in relief for Hurricane Irma after 100 mph winds crushed his seasonal golfing average at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. He was reportedly seen throwing his 9-iron across the luxurious course in frustration, which was quickly swept into the sky by the deadly category 5 storm.

“At first I wasn’t inclined to dish out my own money to provide assistance to the victims of the hurricane,” he mentioned while removing his Gucci brand golfing gloves. “But after experiencing it first hand, I now realize how serious this storm is. I was set to shatter my personal golfing record this season, but it looks like that dream is totally shot.” he continued.

The Trump plane was spotted traveling west to avoid the storm, soaring miles above thousands of people stuck in traffic evacuating the state by car.

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